Learn how to build a crypto investment portfolio by FINDING HIDDEN GEM COINS and accelerating your crypto assets as part of ‘Crypto Asset Accelerator’ (Bull Market Edition).

In the next 12 months guaranteed, or 100% of your money back*

*Read this letter in full for all conditions. You won’t want to miss this massive cash grab this year! (Even if you haven’t made a cent before in crypto, this might be for you too)!

This is a rare opportunity that we’re offering and it is happening for a completely selfish reason…

And you can benefit massively too…

As you may know, we have had multiple clients who have made tons with crypto already. Last December we did the ‘Build Your Future With Bitcoin’ course and the people who did that course realised the potential of crypto, got into Bitcoin before it broke its all time high of US$20k and are already crushing their debts, increasing their crypto holdings, killing it with great returns and setting themselves up to retire 3-8 times faster.

We’ve even had repeat requests for other people to learn how to teach this knowledge too, which has made us realise that there is a bigger opportunity & requirement for us to support more people who are looking to be part of – ‘Crypto Asset Accelerators’ (Bull Market Edition).

In case you don’t already know what a bull market is, it’s the time in each market cycle where things speed up and you can typically generate returns faster if you know what you are doing.

Alongside all of this, we’ve been busy contributing to Crypto Collective, building the amazing Jaiyen Eco Resort in Thailand, guiding people through MBA Trading Academy, and multiple other side projects, all with the aim of sharing our years of experience in and around blockchain and cryptocurrencies to massively reward those who are ready to take that next step and truly thrive in their journey.

This might be the last time we ever offer a program of this nature as our time is scarce in building our main projects, so we aim to make it extremely valuable for those who participate.

And we know it’s going to be a life-altering experience that impacts the futures of many, many others who want to take that next step and truly accelerate their crypto assets, as it has done for us.

What is a Crypto Asset Accelerator?

People who are proactive and ambitious enough to boldly venture into the world of digital assets and get empowered by building unstoppable wealth portfolios, for themselves and future generations.

We want humans who are ready to “be and do better” by transcending the current wealth and power paradigms.

But for that to happen… 

We want case studies from Crypto Asset Accelerator members who are in various stages in life and professional status, so we can together perpetuate this revolution. There is room for all of us at the table. 

The more proof that someone has that this works, the more people will follow their natural instinct to do that work and fully participate in the crypto ecosystem and to learn how to accelerate their crypto assets as well.

Here’s what we want to do, for the right person:

  1. Mentor you live in online, small group training sessions once a week for 12 weeks (starting in mid-late March).
  2. Work with you directly with two calls a week for 12 weeks plus one 1 virtual event during the 12 weeks.
  3. Give you crypto fundamental frameworks so you can share your knowledge easily with your potential future clients – Yes this is possible!
  4. We will record all the calls and the live training so you can review them at any time.
  5. Offer you access to off-market deal flow opportunities for you so you can take advantage of the types of investments that are not always available.
  6. Provide you with access to us (Kevin & Troy) and our community of peers in our Facebook group & Signal chat so you can ask any question, any time.
  7. Personally review your portfolios to provide valuable feedback and uncover hidden opportunities to ensure you are positioning yourself for the greatest possible results in the crypto bull market.
  8. Bring in our personal connections and mentors to give expert guidance on everything from simple fundamental research for low cap coin gems through to Level 2 Order Book Trading.
  9. As you get results, be able to interview you, send a professional videographer to capture a testimonial and be able to promote you and the results, in the inclusion of our social media platforms for your exposure and on our online learning platforms also for your exposure. Literally thousands in free marketing, potentially more.

We’re looking for more than the typical 60 seconds, “Kevin and Troy are good” testimonial and we want to brag about the case studies of how ‘Crypto Asset Accelerator’ has the best set of strategies and tactics available for you to potentially increase your crypto assets massively.

PLUS we’re looking for trainers and coaches to teach this very training in the future!

This offer will not occur again like this. As our side projects continue to grow this year, our ability to mentor anyone so closely with such a level of attention will be almost entirely unavailable.

BUT THIS ISN’T FOR EVERYONE. We want to work with a few energetically aligned, driven, aspiring or existing crypto-go-getters who want to create a long-lasting return on investment with their crypto portfolios.

This isn’t a free program of mentorship, it’s $2,997 AUD.

Payment plan is available.

Crypto Asset Accelerators (BULL MARKET EDITION) – 12 Week Masterclass

One Payment of $2,997 AUD
& 2 x 90 minute 1-on-1 sessions with us.
OR 3 Monthly Payments of $1,097 AUD

To be very direct, if you’re “going it alone” you’d be wasting money to not buy this. With the amount of time, money and resources you will save, you’d be crazy not to jump at this, even if it’s the scariest and biggest commitment you’ve ever made.

It’s ok though, we’ve got you!

And so does the totally reasonable guarantee for 100% of your money back if you are unable to build a crypto investment portfolio by finding hidden gem coins and accelerating your crypto assets in the next 12 months.

You must be ready to work hard and consistently do the daily, weekly and monthly actions that we teach you. These aren’t ridiculously time-consuming but these actions will require courage and light-perseverance.

You must be willing to learn and be brave enough to try on new concepts that at first might seem foreign but that you will soon love.

You are willing to allow your growth to be showcased in our online marketing now and into the future.

You must be open to being supported with mentoring and coaching and show up.

You must have the personality that we’re looking for. 

So are you excited to get started?

We are only making this offer to a select few. If you know this is the right step for you, book a 15 minute call for us to see if the Crypto Asset Accelerators program is a fit for you –

If you are still curious about what exactly we will be learning together, here’s a tiny top-level taste of what we will cover in the program:

  • You’ll discover how to spot hidden diamonds – Find the coins that you always hear about after the run has already happened. How to identify these coins before they run and how to take full advantage of these coins, to truly maximise your crypto earnings.

  • What is an ASSET and what is a SHITCOIN – So often crypto ‘hodlers’ hold the wrong coins in their wallet and don’t understand the reasons behind what is a true crypto asset and what is a shitcoin that is just losing them money. We’ll show you how to identify this early, so you can maximise your returns in the short, mid and long term.

  • Baby steps to build your CRYPTO CONFIDENCE. We will ensure you leave this masterclass with the understanding and confidence you need to truly accelerate your crypto holdings, feel the confidence and support of the greater community and be a true crypto pioneer!

However, we are giving you the opportunity to massively advance your financial future, along with that of your family and friends. Utilizing tools and learning techniques that most people aren’t even aware of, at a cost that is much lower than normal, in exchange for tracking the incredible results you achieve over the 12 weeks we spend together and in the years following. 

If you are unsure of whether your needs will be met in the program, it’s still best to submit the application if it feels right. Then let’s have a chat and don’t worry if your expectations can’t be met, we won’t let you join anyway.