Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn about me.

I am here to help. My purpose is to empower artistic freedom and champion the wellbeing of creatives.

My utility belt comprises a range of creative concept generation and solution-based skills garnered over years experiencing knowledge acquisition, personal and business development, and practical prototyping. I enjoy puzzle-solving in the practical and meta sense; using visual and systematic design to strategize outcomes and point your compass where it intuitively wants to go.

If there is a way for me to help you achieve your goals or set your life path towards more fulfilment, I will do what I can with the resources I’ve gathered in my lifetime to empower you to make it happen.

I am currently experimenting on a creative lifestyle in balance with nature and technology that I hope can be shared with others to create a paradigm shift in redefining holistic optimal living for future generations.

Why I do what I do

I was born in Manila to two very loving and nurturing parents earnestly making their way through post-martial law Philippines. As an 80’s kid, I geeked out on anything to do with fantasy and future possibilities. I was fascinated by the concept of our purpose and existence in the universe, so emulating the values of comic book superheroes and experimenting with science, technology and the realms of the unknown were high on my list of interests. We emigrated to Australia when I was 7, where growing up in western Sydney gave me opportunities to explore various careers and businesses in different fields to satisfy my curiosity and passion for learning what makes the world tick.

My studies revolved around computer science, graphic design, 3D animation and business development, while I built career experience in food and hospitality, residential construction, sales and marketing, logistics and quality control management, health and wellness, and web development.

Simultaneously, I pursued my passions in music, martial arts, and alternative sports; performing internationally and cultivating a network of creative pursuits that eventually lead to forming my first design business, followed by a music and resource management company.

Life then was an ideal mix of playing drums and percussion on TV and live stages with celebrities and independent artists, helping artists and creative entrepreneurs develop their music and artistry, with graphic design and website building continuing between gigs. I enjoyed the spark of excitement in helping people bring life to their concepts, whether in art, music, or other businesses, so I ran my engine at full throttle.

Consequently, burning the candle at both ends led to a nerve-based stroke, paralysing my left side and rendering me unable to work, perform, and essentially live the life I had built up over decades. My physical and mental health was challenged, so I sought respite on the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand to redirect my compass. Removing myself momentarily out of the rat-race of the modern world allowed me to realign myself into establishing a foundation for creative wellness, according to a less cerebral and more intuitive sense of balance in my lifestyle. Taking the time to delve into self-care, reconnecting with nature, exploring various healing modalities, and establishing new ventures eventually lead me on the road to recovery.

I co-founded a vegan restaurant chain and began building a creative wellness resort on a small island so that other people experiencing creative burnout would also have a place of respite. Together with my partner at the time, friends, and the local community, our vision to create an environment for people to rediscover their health and spark their creativity was born.

Jaiyen is a place that I am truly grateful to be living in, which has so much potential for people to cultivate their best selves.

I will forever be MacGyver’ing my way through life as a jack of all trades and my hope is that I can share my experiences with others to help them find their sense of balance, so that they can contribute their unique superpowers toward a positive and progressive future for all.

What I've done


I live between Tokyo & Thailand, building an NFT membership hotel and hub focused on web3 and metaverse development.


I’ve built over a thousand websites in a previous chapter in my life as a web design and development freelancer and eventual agency owner. I worked on everything from small business sites to large retail networks and hospitals, eventually focusing on the entertainment industry since it is synergistic with my music career.


I built 60+ houses and renovated 10+ apartments as a carpenter during my university years, eventually building a family home with my father, and later designing and building a crypto-based eco-resort in Thailand (arguably the first crypto/tokenized hotel in the world in 2017 before they were buzzwords). The resort is operating as Jaiyen Eco Resort in Koh Yao Noi, while the larger vision for a tokenized network of hotels was under the umbrella of Artisia.



I run a Facebook group for Blockchain-enthusiasts, avid technophiles, creative artist and advocates for cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Decentralized Finance. In this community, we share knowledge, tips, opportunities, and education in this exciting world that is influencing the global economy and culture for generations to come.


I ran a Facebook group for Blockchain-enthusiasts, avid technophiles, creative artist and advocates for cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Decentralized Finance. In this community, we share knowledge, tips, opportunities, and education in this exciting world that is influencing the global economy and culture for generations to come.


I was a student of MBA Trading, actively sharing and helping others to learn more about crypto trading and the opportunities it presents for people to achieve lifestyle freedom.

They also offer a comprehensive program to learn and earn!


While we have the beginnings of a food forest at Jaiyen, I’d really love to be mentored or advised by an expert who has an understanding of local resources and can improve our permaculture setup to be more sustainable year-round.

If you are experienced or know anyone in this field willing to collaborate, let’s connect!


I would like to learn more about drawing, sculpture, 3D design, gaming, blockchain, sustainable development, calisthenics and movement, finance, whole systems design, robotics, plant medicines, survival skills, optimal performance innovations, neurolinguistics, languages, and any burgeoning fields in human evolution. If you have knowledge or skills to impart, I’d be glad to exchange what I know / have / can do for mutual benefit.


In the fitness industry? Potential opportunities abound depending on your focus area. On a personal level, I’m always looking for professionals who can upgrade my fitness or performance skills. On the business side, there’s potential for you to run retreats, trial your concepts and record content on an island setting, help us build a functional gym/ninja-warrior course, launch your brand, cross-promote health-based programs or products… let’s talk!


I’m looking for food experts interested in vegan/vegetarian based nutrition to collaborate in creating inspiring seasonal menus and meals plans for various fitness goals.

If you have a healthy and innovative dining or restaurant concept you’d like to try out as a pop-up experience in a tropical setting, let’s connect!


My travel wishlist is the entire world. If you resonate with any aspect on this page and can see an opportunity to connect and exchange knowledge, skills, or collaborate on a potential creative wellness location partnership or other mutually beneficial venture, let’s connect!

Or if you need an Amazing Race partner, Mongol Rally driver, or Space flight accomplice, count me in.


Need a professional drummer, percussionist, tour manager, music business advisor, or creative director? Into board/online games, speedcubing, Gundam, paintball, circus arts, Airsoft or Archery tag?

I’d love to participate in what’s possible online or on-site (mainly in Thailand, Japan or Australia) to bring more of these playful activities into the world.

Where we can connect


Work, rest, and play in the comfort and convenience of the place I call home at Jaiyen…


Depending on the nature and requirements of our interaction, I am available to travel to your location for consultation, service, performance, or any other matter that requires my physical presence.


Zoom, Skype, Team Viewer, or FaceTime are various platforms I use to connect and consult online. Please contact me below to arrange a time to connect at your convenience.

How to get in touch

Please contact me through any of these channels.